Monday, August 04, 2008

Millennium prepping 'Leaves of Grass' with Edward Norton, Tim Blake Nelson

Nu Image/Millennium Films will shoot "Leaves of Grass" in The Shreve beginning in September, according to Studio Operations president Diego Martinez. The comedic thriller is currently in preproduction.

The flick will star Edward Norton. Tim Blake Nelson will direct. According to an EW article from way back when, Norton will play twins: one is an Ivy League professor while the other is a pot-smoking career criminal.

PHOTO: Edward Norton starred as Bruce Banner in this summer's restart of "The Incredible Hulk." (Credit: Michael Gibson)


Kathryn Usher said...

Tim Blake Nelson rocks! Back in the day we both went to the same art camp.

Anonymous said...

How large is the budget for this film

Alexandyr Kent said...

No idea on the budget. Haven't learned that yet, and I haven't seen any disclosures in the traditional trade pubs.

Versha said...

That's wonderful! Both of these men are so talented!

sexy said...