Tuesday, August 05, 2008

'True Blood,' Shreveport and the Fangtasia bar?

Off and on during the last year, the HBO series "True Blood" has been shooting second unit stuff in Shreveport. Those of you who've caught the new promo trailer running on HBO undoubtedly heard the following bit of dialogue delivered by Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic barmaid.

"Apparently there’s this vampire bar in Shreveport." (It's called Fangtasia.)

What the? The series is set here? If it is, that's fun. Since the marketing for the series is purposefully vague, it's hard to tell exactly what role Shreveport will play in the series. Since the city's name made the trailer, I assume The Shreve will get some pretty good second-unit face time.

The series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. They books are set in a small Louisiana town. Read more here.

Below is the best video story I can find.

If you know more about the series, dish it out. It premieres Sept. 7 on HBO.


Danny said...

Ha!...there are several references to Shreveport in some of the fake websites for True Blood.

Check out this site: http://bloodcopy.com/

Also, check out this HBO clip:


Danny said...

There are a bunch of HBO True Blood videos on YouTube.

Just do a search for "blood copy report"

Now someone needs to open a new bar in Shreveport named "Fangtasia" and decorate it like the bar in the show. But I'm sure HBO might not approve.

danny said...

Ok, one more website..."This blood's for you"


Anonymous said...

In the books Shreveport is mentioned a lot. The plot is set in a small town in North Louisiana probably something like Minden, Plain Dealing, Springhill.

Claudine said...

Shreveport is where the "vampire sheriff of Louisiana," thousand-year-old Eric, lives (unlives?). He operates out of Fangtasia. The primary action, at least in the first book/season, takes place in the faux LA town of Bon Temps which I believe is supposed to be about an hour north of Shreveport.

Chris Lyon said...

They have been running similar viral short pieces for a while now. The first one I remember was for a vampire hotel- complete with coffins and no windows, of course.

Chris Lyon said...

(And it was in Shreveport, according to the commercial)

Anonymous said...

fangtasia is filmed in a bar i work in here in shreveport downtown it was cool to see the things changed the way it was in the movie

Z_O_R_A_N said...

According to IMDB filming locations for the show are as follows:

Shreveport, LA (pilot); Mansfield, LA (pilot); Eagle Rock, CA; Hollywood Hills, CA; Long Beach, CA; Los Angeles, CA and Sun Valley, CA.

It is a rumor but not yet confirmed that the Fangtasia scenes were shot in a bar in Shreveport called the Capri.

Anonymous said...

Jull Weber (ex- Madonna tour/video dancer) was the vamp go-go boy in the Fangtasia bar scenes. The shoot took place in Long Beach CA

(not sure of name - but the interior
is pretty much as you see on True Blood)

Vampirella said...

yup -- found this on-line

this is the bar in Long Beach CA used for Fangtasia scenes

Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim St
around back
Long Beach, CA 90804

Anonymous said...

"Bon Temps" - True Blood Location.
In several episodes Shreveport is mentioned and was partially shot here.
EPISODE - Burning House Of Love -When the vampires'house "sleeping nest" was burned - that was an actual "shotgun house" near Common and Caddo Streets in downtown Shreveport.
BUT they reference in dialogue - UP to Monroe or OVER to Natchitoches and its over an hour to Shreveport to Fangtasia.
Geographically this puts Bon Temps near Winnfield, LA, which has about 6,000 residents.
Any Vampires there? Don't know but I do know a couple of attorneys there !

Anonymous said...

I lived in Shreveport for about 5 years. In the books, Charlaine is dead-on in the descriptions and it would be cool if they filmed it there. If I had to put a geographic hold on Bon Temps, its probably Bon Temps Drive in Lafayette, Louisiana. I think it would be extremely cool if they filmed Fangtasia at what is known as Central Station (a gay bar in Shreveport/Bossier City), just the setting of that place would have been perfect. Its located in an isolated spot in the dark behind trees and railroad tracks. Yeah, Ive been a few times and I think it could've worked.