Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Disaster Movie': What did you think?

I'm late to the party, but dare I ask what you thought of "Disaster Movie?" As of Monday, its 11th day of release, it had trapped just $10.7 million in box office and dropped out of the top 10.

Perhaps amazingly, it's getting better business than "The Longshots." In 18 days of release, that had gotten just $9.9 million.

The news gets better: "College," shot in New Orleans, had $4.2 million after 11 days.

Translation: We need a hit. Come on, "Dub-ya!"

Pics from "Disaster Movie" follow:

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Evan said...

I can't answer your question because I wouldn't be caught dead watching one of these movies, but I find it interesting how they title these movies.

They just did Superhero Movie earlier this year and yet on the poster for this movie I spot 4 major superheros (5 if you include Hancock). You would think that something called "Disaster Movie" would be a spoof of disaster movies, much like how "Scary Movie" used to be about spoofing scary movies.

Now it feels more like they're just spoofing every current movie and randomly assigning a genre to it regardless of the content of the movie. "Juno" and "High School Musical" in "Disaster Movie" just sounds like nobody at all was thinking about what they were making. That and given that they're spoofing movies that are even still in theaters when this movie comes out definitely implies super low standards.

Let's hope they run out of genres soon.