Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode 3: 'True Blood' gets better

“True Blood” found its beat tonight. As the subject matter got dirtier and darker, the humor got lighter. It seems like shows like this only work when the script and actors go for broke.

The funniest moment was when Jason, Sookie’s sexaholic brother, lost his mojo and was forced to dance for his dealer (Lafayette, the cook at Merlotte’s). To pay for Viagra: Vampire Edition (vampire blood in a vial), Jason paraded on camera for a website in his whitey-tighties. (Supposedly, vampire blood enhances the libido. Hope it improves his dance moves. too.)

Tonight’s most interesting revelation was that Sookie’s a virgin, and that her virginity complicates her feelings for Bill Compton (her vampire suitor).

It appears this series is mostly going to be about sex, sex and more sex. Hopefully, it will keep the mood light. We'll see. So far, I think this was the best, most entertaining episode.

What did you think?

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Noma said...

I know I'm liking it more and more because the episodes seem shorter and shorter.