Monday, March 30, 2009

City to host forum about incentives

WHEN: 3 p.m. April 9.
WHERE: Independence Stadium Skybox, Shreveport.

The following is a note from Arlena Acree, Shreveport's director of film, media and entertainment:

"You are invited by the Mayor to a meeting to discuss existing film tax incentives and the future of Louisiana's film industry and tax incentives before the legislative session begins in April. We want to hear from you and your thoughts on what you would like for Louisiana's future for the Film Industry. We hope to have our legislators there as well as local city councilman and police jurors, parish commissioners, crew, talent, and vendors. See the attached invite and please forward to anyone interested in attending so that we can have a big turn out. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you there!!"


Anonymous said...

Instead of film tax incentives, we need an incentive to get Mayor Glover and the shreveport police off the back of the film industry. we had a good thing going until the Brolin arrest and now we have essentially told Hollywood we no longer want them here and its OK to abuse actors and crew members over trivial incidents blown out of proportion by the Glover administration. Now hundeds of local film industry workers are out of work due primarily to the mishandling of the Brolin/Wright incident. Worldwide negative publicity against Shreveport, LA.
Don't think for a minute this didn't affect how Hollywood perceives Shreveport. The Shreve is dead as far as movies that were slated to come here. You can't deny it any longer. Mace in the face is NOT a good strategy to market Shreveport to the film industry. Ask anyone from Hollywood. If there is anyone left in Shreveport.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous.
The sad thing is, the city leaders just don't get it. The city of Shreveport can't mistreat the biggest names in Hollywood and expect them to come back for more abuse. I haven't heard anyone explain why Shreveport is the only place in Louisiana where the film industry is dead. I read all the hype about a possible sag strike, financial difficulties, competing tax incentives in other states, etc., but noone in Shreveport wants to explain why we are the only major city in Louisiana that is without film activity. The people who read the newspaper and this blog aren't stupid. As film industry workers, they know all these hyped excuses are a cover up. Why build a new studio in Shreveport when we have three empty studios now? You better believe the competing states with tax incentives will treat the film industry much better than our Mayor has done. We're the joke of the south, to have lost what every state dreams of having...a clean industry, international publicity, and a soaring ecomomy. And Cedric Glover gave it all away for a few political votes. We demand answers.

Anonymous said...

I think you are 100% wrong on this subject. First, you obviously don't have any of the facts to base your assumption on and are basing your attack on hearsay and schoolyard gossip.
What you are doing with your statements is equivalent to jokingly yelling fire in a crowded theater. It is irresponsible to make these statements in this economy when so many people are frightened and looking for work. The depressed state of the film industry in Shreveport is due to a number of factors, most importantly tax incentives. Other variables that affect the business on a national level include the fact that films cannot get financing from banks and that Screen Actors Guild will not sign their contract. Things you obviously do not comprehend or care to research.
I moved here three years ago for work and have been in the Film Industry for ten years. Five of those years were in Los Angeles. I am concerned that people like you who do not understand the film BUSINESS are going to grab a bunch of torches and march on people who are trying to help us. This city and its leaders have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that Shreveport is a film friendly place. If you want to experience unfriendliness go wait in line at the film permit office in Los Angeles. Shreveport doesn't even charge productions for a permit.
The whole state is slow right now. It only appears that New Orleans is busy. N.O. has always had a bigger percentage of films shot there and now is no exception. The only reason it appears they have all the work is because of a couple of high profile films being shot there right now. Film production is down this year and will continue to stay down until the three factors mentioned earlier - SAG, Financing, and Incentives - are satisfied.
Now to your unfounded and foolish point about Josh Brolin. The police were attacked and were just doing their job. Josh Brolin should take full responsibility for causing the incident and it was completely criminal how he, Oliver Stone and their people flat out lied to cover their asses. Josh Brolin was being an arrogant drunk and was given EVERY opportunity at multiple levels to defuse the situation and chose not to. I was embarrassed to be in the industry when I read Mr. Stone's false and offhanded comments in GQ. If you want to blame someone for the bad publicity... blame them. In addition, if you think that any producer worth his salt cares if Josh Brolin was arrested in Shreveport, you are sorely mistaken. Actors, at least irresponsible actors, get arrested all the time in all kinds of places. Shreveport is not known for this. By the way Mr. Brolin's case was dismissed. Do you believe that your average resident would have been given a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card?
Once you have done some research about this industry and how it works you can post all the opinions you would like. Until then please stay off this page and stay on the OMG website to catch up on your Lindsay and Britney news.

Chris Lyon said...

Forget tax incentives, I'd settle for "Anonymous" to disappear at this point...

Anonymous said...

The original post is factually correct, and I have to agree that the mayor has run off the film industry by his arrogance and ignorance. Obviously, you are upset because you are out of work, and you are creating your own reality. You were not there and I was, so I know first hand what happened. The proof is what has happened in shreveport since the Brolin incident. Not one major film in Shreveport since. Noone attacked the police. You are simply making up a gossip story to cover up for the city officials who are running off the film industry. Get the facts straight before posting your frustration about being unemployed. You can find plenty of work in New Orleans.
If your comments were true, the film industry would be dead all over Louisiana, which it is NOT.
Instead of pretending you are from another state and work in the film business, why don't you admit you work for cedric glover and you are from city hall!

Alexandyr Kent said...

Bottom line is that these anonymous posts about Glover/Brolin have be reposted and reposted for months, and enough is enough. The tirades aren't welcome here.

Sorry to say, but I'm setting up comment moderation and will do my best to review and post everybody's thoughts in a timely manner.