Friday, March 20, 2009

'Phone it home, baby. Phone it home!' says Dick Vitale about this weekend's screenings of 'E.T.'

Just got off the phone with Dicky V. No, really ... I did. He's more excited about E.T.'s latest comeback than the Tar Heels' inevitable triumph. Best quote I've ever written down: "This Diaper Dandy came from beyond the stratosphere in 1982 to win the hearts and minds of movie nation, baby. E.T.'s fingers make James Worthy's look like half-eaten fish sticks! His levitating moon ride made M.J.'s free throw line dunk look like hopscotch! His translucent chest skin is more mind-altering than Michael Phelps bong hit! Scribble in this magnificent Martian as a bracket topper, baby! He's unbelievable. Unbelievable, baby!"

That ranks as the weirdest imaginary interview I've ever logged.

The Robinson Film Center is screening "E.T." on Saturday and Sunday. Details.

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