Friday, June 05, 2009

BPCC producing ‘At War with the Ants,’ family comedy by local screenwriter

Bossier Parish Community College's Film Institute is a week into producing "At War with the Ants." To provide on-set training, these summer movie projects pull together a student crew, faculty and local talent.

"We have a lot of new students," said BPCC prof Paul Kaszuba, "and they are very excited about the experiences they've received this week."

The project, BPCC's seventh, shoots through June 26.

The screenplay comes from Timothy Miller, of Bossier City, who's answered a few questions for LaMovBloggers.

Alexandyr Kent: Have you ever had a screenplay produced before? If yes, what? If yes or no, what are you hopes for this project?

Timothy Miller: This will be the first script I've had produced. Besides the satisfaction of seeing my characters come to life, having a produced script gives a writer more credibility with producers, as well as a work sample they can actually SEE.

AK: What's "At War with the Ants" about, and what's the genre?

TM: "AWWTA" is a family comedy about a young couple at loggerheads over whether to have a baby, with the husband's entire family arrayed against him in his wife's favor. Ultimately it's about overcoming fear and learning to put your trust in love.

AK: Did you draw inspiration from particular filmmakers or screenwriters?

TM: There's something that really good movies (and novels) set in the South do, and that's suspend time, which is what happens down here. People aren't slower, it's just that clocks don't exist. Robert Altman got it right, especially with Ann Rapp in "Cookie's Fortune." Shainee Gabel got it with "Love Song for Bobby Long," Craig Brewer with "Black Snake Moan." That's something I tried to do with this script.

AK: Do you work with any local writers groups, or are you a lone wolf?

TM: I have an online family of aspiring screenwriters that read each others' work and cheer each other on, but I haven't met any other screenwriters (or playwrights) here yet. I'd enjoy that.

Cast and a few crew

Dodie Brown as Hannah Buckley

Matt Carroll* as Evan Buckley

Tommy Wallace as Cyrus

Grace La Rocca as Jordan Buckley

Dusty Graham as Faith

Angela Vo* as Maggie

Nathan Prestidge* as Kirby

Corey DeCastillo as Tristan

LaShana Harris as Nikki

Veronica Stanton as Demi

Kevin Stafford Jr.* as A.J.

Jonathan Posey as Jason (also 1st AD)

*BPCC students

Larry Powell and Paula Kaszuba, producers

Eric Tuxen, director

For questions about BPCC's Film Institute, call 318.678.6304.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to BPCC Film Institute. They really did a good job on last years film "Anything for the Game"
The video production was much better than I expected for a student film. Some faces seemed to look familiar from around Shreveport-Bossier. Hope they show it again for the kids this summer.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Tucker Max's rant. Touche!! What Tucker has stated is a truth that I have been expressing to deaf ears around here since 05. He's just a kind of guy who is not afraid to tell how it really is, not unlike myself, but I live here. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who was haggling him about a premier. What he said is true, and it also gets credibility by the amount of film activity taking place in the greater NO area, which coincidentally has been a H'wood go to destination since Street Car Named Desire-55 yrs? If anyone is honest enough with themselves around here, including the "gatekeepers", then one can only rationalize that it is back to pre-Katrina status, the way it has been intended. As I have said, and I'll say it again. The Shreve has not, will not ever be a go to destination for H'wood. We are back to where BPCC's movies are the highlight of the year, with the occasional no/lo budget pictures. My kudos to Tucker Max for courageously telling it like it realy is. Hopefully this dose of reality will shake people out of their delusion. Enjoy the memories folks.