Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's tidy up, shall we?

For me, it's a been a busy week of typing. I love typing. You? How about voicemail? That's fun, too. Meetings? Can't wait for the next!

Let me offer you some bullet points for fun:
  • Coming Tuesday, got a great piece on "Silent Treatment" (pictured is actress Michelle Loridans), a short film by Jonathan Rothell. It plays June 18 at the Robinson Film Center. I'm hosting. Cast and crew will be there. You should be there too. This is a stellar piece of work, and a great example of what can be done with local, professional resources.
  • I've received two rumors about productions breaking away from The Shreve. I can confirm nothing to substantiate these rumors. Regarding "Straw Dogs," Shreveport film liaison Arlena Acree said it's here and confirmed they are setting up offices at StageWorks of Louisiana. "I met the director (Rod Lurie) this week," Acree said. "I'm finding house for them right now." Regarding "The Mechanic," it's still officially slated for The Shreve with a summer start date. I can't nail down an exact date when it will start, but I've checked my sources and there's nothing new to report.
    As always, if you have info to the contrary, email at Tips are fine, but on-the-record, first-hand knowledge is best.
  • On June 18, you'll read a story about "Year One," the Sony flick opening June 19. Talked to production designer Jefferson Sage, who conjured up an ancient Sodom in the hamlet of Sibley, La. Should be fun to hear from him and local artisans.
  • In advance of its production of "Dirty Blonde," River City Repertory Theatre will screen the Mae West-starrer "My Little Chickadee" at the Robinson Film Center at 7:30 p.m. June 19. Totally worth the ticket.
  • "The Exterminators," the A&E series about bugs in northwestern Louisiana, is shooting season two right now. Check out the city film slate here.
  • And if you're a "True Blood" fan, you better go to the Author! Author! Shreveport-Bossier Book Festival on Saturday (June 13). Charlaine Harris (novelist and Sookie Stackhouse inventor) speaks at 2 p.m.


JB Jones said...

I'll have to bring my usual cast of characters with me to see this! I saw it a while back and thought it was just fantastic... but my explanations do it no justice. People need to see it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

THE MECHANIC will not be filmed in Shreveport. New Orleans has negotiated it, although this has not been publicly disclosed.
I don't know why Shreveport keeps announcing films coming to "the shreve" that are actually going to other cities to film. Sounds like they are desperate. Shreveport city officials keep DREAMING, while New Orleans keeps filming.