Wednesday, September 09, 2009

'Leaves of Grass' set to debut at TIFF

The Edward Norton-Edward Norton flick "Leaves of Grass" debuts Monday at the Toronto Int'l Film Festival. Norton plays identical twins in this worlds-collide dramedy. It's about a smalltown pot grower who lures his twin brother, an Ivy League professor, back to Oklahoma to take part in a scheme to bring down a local drug lord. (You know, an everyman story. With marijuana.)

Director, writer and costar Tim Blake Nelson talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the hopes of finding a buyer in a tight market.

Nelson told THR: "If (previous directorial effort) 'The Grey Zone,' which is considerably darker, could get distribution, then even in this environment I believe a movie like 'Leaves of Grass' can get distribution," said Blake Nelson, citing the film's comedic aspects and Norton's performance."

From the scene I observed on the set one night, I'd guess prospects for "Leaves of Grass" are fairly strong. Meticulous comedic work, painstaking production design and cult-worthy dialogue.

We'll see, though. As noted in the article from THR, selling an indie always depends on the execution of a promising idea. Will be curious to see if "Leaves of Grass" earns wide or limited distribution, or no deal at all.

Personally, I hope Norton shows the chops that Nicolas Cage did for "Adaptation." (Or JCVD for "Double Impact.")

PHOTO 1: Actor Edward Norton and "Leaves of Grass" writer/director/costar Tim Blake Nelson. (Photo by Glen Wilson/Special to The Times)

PHOTO 2: In "Leaves of Grass," actor Edward Norton stars in a dual role as the twin brothers Bill Kincaid (right) and Brady Kincaid (left). (Glen Wilson/Special to The Times)

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