Friday, October 02, 2009

When eight are better than one

minicine? has a really cool program tonight. It will present "Films for One to Eight Projectors" at 9 p.m. Cover is $5. 846 Texas Ave. in downtown Shreveport.

Here's a good blurb pulled from minicine's website: "A man after our own heart, Roger Beebe, will present his touring program, FILMS for ONE to EIGHT PROJECTORS. Beebe, a filmmaker and professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Florida has screened his films around the globe including such unlikely places as McMurdo Station in Antartica and the CBS JumboTron in Times Square. And oddly, he has even been to Shreveport, and did so with us, literally in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. minicine? gladly welcomes Roger back to a less flooded, less desperate, less debris strewn Louisiana for this screening of his newest works.

"And we can’t wait to help him unpack his touring vehicle, as Roger will be bringing a bevy of projectors… His new work, the result of two years of experimentation, has evolved 'outta sorta a discovery' that occurred to him when he projected positive and negative prints of one of his films side-by-side for a kind of Frankensteinian cinemascope effect."

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JB Jones said...

I think this sounds fascinating. My original interst in movie-making had more to do with the hardware. I was obsessed with my dad's old projector. I'd watch his dumb horse-riding movies all day long, just so I could play with the projector.

If someone would have offered me the option of playing with 8 projectors, well, I would have gone crazy with excitement.