Thursday, November 23, 2006

Shreveport apparently has its own 'hero'

The following is from Jeff Benson and David Wright, The Times' resident "Heroes" superfans:

Local fans of the new fall NBC television series “Heroes” may have noticed something familiar about the list of special people unlocked by genetics professor Mohinder Suresh (actor Sendhil Ramamurthy) in the Nov. 20 episode of the series, “Chapter 9: Homecoming.”

Throughout the first eight episodes, Suresh has struggled over whether he will follow his murdered father’s work on the radical theory that there are people with extraordinary abilities living among us. Last Monday, he decided he would continue tracking down these individuals around the world. Accessing his father’s computer, Suresh finds a file listing names and cities. As the camera moves in for a close screen shot, the name Teresa Hue Pham is visible beside -- Shreveport, LA.

A real person? Probably not; however, the last name does exist in the Shreveport telephone directory. Of the characters listed on the screen alongside the Shreveport name, at least six of them are known characters, opening the possibility that more are yet to be introduced. Maybe one from Shreveport?

And what would her special ability be? So far, among the known talents: telepathy, telekinesis, regeneration, time/space manipulation, precognition, flight, power mimicry, superhuman strength, super intelligence, irradiation/burning, matter phase-shifting.

Aside from the possible local connection, the meaning of the list has stirred a number of speculations on forums across the Internet in “Heroes” discussions.

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You can watch the “Homecoming” episode and others online and learn more about the characters at

Thanks, Jeff and David.


Jeff said...

Real thanks goes to Times graphic artist David Wright (also a "Heroes" fan) who brought it my attention. I just put it in words. Unfortunately, I was sitting too far from the TV while watching the episode to read what was on the screen.

Anonymous said...

I know several geeks who should find this interesting. ;)

trudeau said...


Anonymous said...

Teresa is a real super hero in Shreveport. Her power is strength and mind control. She is my wife and she regularly kicks my ass and out thinks me on every subject. Ha. I love this show. And thanks to Alex for this blog.

jeff said...

The list made another appearance on Monday's (Nov. 27) episode, "Six Months Ago." And this time I saw the Shreveport, La., line myself. Most of the show was flashbacks to before the series began ... filling in a lot of voids ... especially about the genesis of the villian Sylar.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. I guess I'm one of those "geeks"!

Versha said...

So amazing!! I'm finally watching this show and my sister and I caught that ourselves - so of course I googled like crazy for a screencap and found this! Haha, so exciting.