Thursday, November 02, 2006

Show your love for the Goss!

Ryan Gosling, who has single-handedly made the skinny-and-scruffy look cool again, can be seen at 7:30 p.m. tonight in "Half Nelson" at Louisiana Boardwalk's Regal Cinemas in Bossier City.

No, the star won't be there for the launch of the Robinson Film Center Presents series, but plenty of cinephiles will get to see him act all Oscar for the indie flick.

Today marks RFC's biggest effort to date to bring independent film back to the theaters of Shreveport-Bossier City.

Tonight's screening only happens once. Tickets are $7.50 each. Buy them at the door of the theater. Do not stop at the ticket window. Call RFC at (318) 424-9090 to make reservations, if you like.

RFC's Chris Jay will blog about the screening tomorrow on Louisiana Movies, and I'm expecting him to send in a picture. I don't want to post a shot of him, a tub of popcorn and a mass of empty seats. ... No pressure, Chris.


Anonymous said...

I know this is not about the subject at hand, but I needed an outlet to vent my frustration. I regularly check "IMDB" to look at the latest casting choices for local movies. There is a certain agency in town, that I won't mention, that is flooding the particular film sections with all of her extras that were in a film. DON'T DO THAT!! Leave the website for people that have speaking roles. Don't clutter it up with "extras". While extras are important for any film, they are not worthy of inclusion on that website.

Thanks for letting me vent. Oh yeah, by the way, go see "Half Nelson".

saratoga said...

...Yeah no pressure. Good one, Alex.

Anonymous said...

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