Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All signs pointed 'Harold & Kumar' to Shreveport

Producers of 'Harold & Kumar':

A wise reader, Noma Fowler-Sandlin, recently shared a thought about a possible location in Shreveport: "You must 'scout' the great street sign on the corner of Highland and Stoner for them. It's time has finally come. It must be in this movie!"

Smokin' advice, Noma.


Noma said...
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Noma said...

On second thought, I bet someone associated with Harold and Kumar and their uberstoned ways has seen that sign already! It's the only motivation I can imagine for them choosing Shreveport for this. I mean, I can see them using us for Texas and Mississippi -- it's not that far of a stretch. And given the political climate lately, I can even envision us doubling for Guantanamo. But Amsterdam? Come on. Someone came to Shreveport, saw that Highland/Stoner sign and took it as a clear indication that Shreveport was this movie's
"promised land." (And well yeah, the tax break in the state probably helped, too.) But golden light probably omitted from said sign, radiating down on some former pothead, for you know they have to have some researchers to do these cannabis-friendly movies, decided that any city with an intersection like that could indeed double for Amsterdam.