Monday, October 09, 2006

Peewee footballers flip for ‘Zorro’

Antonio Banderas took a break from shooting “Homeland Security” in Shreveport on Friday to meet the Bossier Parks Steelers. The unmasked movie star thanked the peewee footballers for cleaning up an empty, rundown house that was later transformed into a secret restaurant for the comedy.

“Antonio Banderas was extremely nice. He got up in the middle of them and shook everybody’s hand and gave them high fives,” said Steelers coach David Szwak. Szwak owns the house.

One kid asked the star if he really did back-flips off of the horse in the “Zorro” movies.

“Well, I can’t really do that anymore. I have somebody do them for me,” Banderas said with a big smile.

Come on, Antonio. You can fib. After all, you were wearing a mask!

As an added bonus, the Steelers were given a guided tour of the set during a lunch break.

“Homeland Security” also stars Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks and Selma Blair.

(Photo courtesy of David Szwak.)


Anonymous said...

I guess he likes standing around kids because they make him seem tall, huh?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was there when this photo was taken. I think he's about 5'11. He's super nice! Very friendly to the kids.