Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sienna Miller, Shreveport still loves you

The super-talented Sienna Miller (see "Casanova" and pipe down) has been riding a run of un-super press recently. In a current interview with Rolling Stone, she renames the location of her latest movie: "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh." Oh what, oh what, fair reader, could rhyme with Pitts-burgh?

"How about Fittsburgh, Alexandyr?" Please.

“Blitzburgh?” I’m guessing Sienna’s not a Steelers fan.

"Or Ditzburgh?" She’s wittier than that.

"Let's go with Sittsburgh." Getting warmer. Just add an h and drop the extra t.

Given her scatological affinity for Steeltown – a place where steel-working and flash-dancing once existed in perfect harmony, a place famous for Roberto Clemente and Mean Joe Green, a place with two world-class museums – what did Sienna think of Shreveport?

She filmed “Factory Girl” here last winter. Let’s be glad she didn’t call us Poo-port.

Rolling Stone is soliciting reader comments: Should Sienna apologize?

I want to hear from you, too: Is this celebrity "controversy" completely crap?


Anonymous said...

I don't think this should be a HUGE controversy, but at the same time, it was a bit rude of her to disparage a town that welcomed her while she filmed her movie. Whether she likes it or not, people listen to what she says. Not cool!

Reel Fanatic said...

I love Sienna so much as an actress that I wouldn't care if she referred to our entire country with some scatological epithet

Chris Jay said...

And just what the heck HAS happened to the movie she filmed here? Some sites have a December 29th release date up. I wonder just how limited the release will be, and if we'll have to drive to Dallas to see this.

Anonymous said...

To Reel Fanatic,

I LOVE my child so much, but I will hold him accountable for what he says. Just because you love someone "so much", doesn't give them the right to not have to think of others before they speak. Are you suggesting that movie stars can do or say whatever they want without consequences? I hope not!