Wednesday, October 04, 2006

'Guardian' takes more, 'King's Men' director ponders miss

Box office receipts for 'The Guardian' were revised upward on Tuesday. Instead of $17.6 million, it took in more than $18 million on opening weekend. Experts probably underestimated the dollars dropped in northwest Louisiana!

Kutcher's other movie, "Open Season," also took in a bit more than expected. It finished with $23.6 million.

In a Los Angeles Times article, Steve Zaillian, director and screenwriter of "All the King's Men," seemed surprised by his movie's box office and critical failings. The reportedly $55 million movie, which was shot in Louisiana, recouped only $6.2 million during its first 10 days of release. It has already fallen out of the U.S. box office's top ten.

In the article, Zaillian said: "We're all a bit shellshocked. I feel like Huey Long must have felt — you try to do good and they shoot you for it."

The director also talked about his screen adaptation: "It's a great book to read for the first time. It's so beautifully written. That's the thing you worry about with great books. The poetry in them is part of their power, and in film you have to transfer a lot of those words and energy. A lot of great books don't translate that well."

The Los Angeles Times article is worth the click.


Chris Jay said...

Okay, this is off-topic, but I've gotta ask: "O Lucky Man"?


Alexandyr Kent said...

It inspired me to become a coffee drinker. Give it a chance. The "live," in-screen score by Alan Price is brilliant.

Alan said...

I called that one months ago. Nobody outside of Louisiana would have had an interest because Huey Long is not a nationally known historical figure (no matter what anyone else says). Louisiana's reputation alone is enough to keep anyone from seeing it and Sean Penn was a joke during the Katrina disaster.

In addition, a lot of people in Louisiana don't care about Long either. The way the state's government is now is directly because of him. There's no way I'm seeing that film.