Friday, October 13, 2006

'Dallas' repopulating. Cast your vote for Jessica Fletcher!

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of "Dallas" appears to be retooling its cast. John Travolta is still set to play J.R. (I love it!), according to Variety (requires registration) , but names like Luke Wilson, Jennifer Lopez and Shirley MacLaine appear out for now. What in tarnation?! I wanted those interviews!

If the story is true, I need readers to post their thoughts on who should play Bobby, Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie. I cast mine for Christian Bale, Keira Knightley and Angela Lansbury. Why? Brits make better banter and look funny in cowboy hats.

Times columnist Teddy Allen offered funnier suggestions in June. Allen chose Schwarzenegger for J.R. but noted the Terminator is starring in a competing project: "Sacramento."

Beginning in May, rumors starting flying about where "Dallas" would shoot. The Dallas Film Commission said the production would split time between two locations. The real Dallas would get it for four weeks, and Shreveport would get it for eight.

I reported on this for The Times in May and June. Locally, there have been no official or significant developments since then. Variety reported that 'Dallas' could begin shooting in January.

Shreveport is still in the running, methinks. I'm trying to break more news on this, but it's like trying to steal a long-horned Cadillac from Southfork.

Thanks, Tim Greening, for the tip on the Variety story.


Noma said...

Christian Bale? Only if Bobby kills everyone in this new version. But if you're going that surreal route, let's get Grace Zabriski for Ms. Ellie. And animation for Lucy.

Anonymous said...

I hear-tell "Dallas" is going to be shot now in New Orleans instead of Shreveport. Interesting development ...

Alexandyr Kent said...

Can anonymous let me in on the details, here?