Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr. Royale with Cheese currently off the menu

If you happened to peek at my blog earlier today (thanks, Mom), or at, you might have read a tasty little morsel from the Associated Press about a big-screen snake killer coming to Shreveport. I had no reason to doubt the facts of the AP story when we posted them.

A few hours later, I was notified by a publicist and an attached production company that these facts apparently weren't true, even though they were reported by the Associated Press on Oct. 14.

For the fear of advancing the wrong information, we immediately withheld the post on this blog and updated the information at (My boss helped.) That done, I immediately began making calls to reconfirm the AP story.

Now 10:22 p.m., I can't make the story stick. My calls made earlier today to two officials at the production company have not been returned. Attempts to confirm the story through a publicist were unsuccessful. And I was just notified by email that there would be no official comment.

So let's be clear: As of right now, I personally cannot confirm that Samuel L. Jackson is coming to Shreveport to make a movie in early 2007, nor am I confident in assuming he will.

If this information changes, and when I'm done scraping egg off my face, I'll let you know.

And come on, producers. Spill it. My mom is dying to know the truth.

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