Monday, October 23, 2006

Impromptu audition for 'Snakes in His Pants' foiled

As an entertainment guy, I don't get to cover the disorderly-and-disrobed-in-public beat as often as I should. But Adam Kealoha Causey, our cops reporter, does.

Last Tuesday, here's what he discovered near the "Homeland Security" set. None from the movie set claims to have witnessed it. ... Cough it up, moviemakers! We know it's on 35 mm.

Notes from Adam follow:

"Here's why local film buffs should take a minute to listen to police scanners: the police might catch a naked guy bugging a movie crew.

"So I'm about to head out of the office Tuesday night when I hear on the scanner that someone has called the police because a naked guy was strutting through Mojo's and that he had been running through the set of 'Homeland Security,' which was blocked off on Texas Street downtown. I don't know much about this movie, but I do know that Antonio Banderas was not the naked guy.

"Apparently the fellow had stripped because he thought there were snakes in his clothes, according to a Shreveport police officer on the scene and a Mojo's manager. His truck also broke down in the middle of Texas Street. After pushing it out of the way, SPD loaded him into the back of a patrol car -- after putting pants on him.

"Now I know this sounds like a funny take off on 'Snakes on a Plane,' but this poor, sweaty guy did not seem to be right of mind .... I couldn't say for sure what was wrong because I'm no medical doctor. But naked people running are almost always funny under any circumstance.

"Anyhow, look closely when 'Homeland Security' comes out. May there'll be a jump cut showing some member of Shreveport's movie-enthusiast community."

Adam. Wanna switch beats?


Chris Jay said...

"That's it! I've had it with these &%$*#@^*in' snakes in my ^&%$#*&%#$in' CLOTHES!"

Marissa said...

Wow Adam, I'm jealous of you and your job...this is almost as good as the opinion column you wrote a while back about urinating right outside of campus buildings