Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shocking truth! Jessica Simpson wears wool and polyester

A recent MTV News report suggests Jessica Simpson (or Daisy 2) is toughening up to life in Louisiana. Credit that to "Major Movie Star," which started filming here last week. The boot-camp comedy stars Simpson as an actress who joins the Marines to ... yada yada yada.

Simpson told MTV, "Our socks are even wool ... Wool and polyester, on my feet, with army boots and the whole thing. I'm afraid of heights, and I have to climb a 40-foot tower — and I have to be in the swamp! ... I mean, there are alligators in Louisiana!"

Right you are, Jessica. My advice is to stay out of the waters in Bossier City.

This is Simpson's second movie in northwest Louisiana and with Millennium Films. The first? "Blonde Ambition."

Image: MTV News.


Sammy said...

Did Goldie Hawn already make this movie?

Anonymous said...

If she is supposed to be enlisting in the Marines, why is she wearing an Army uniform?