Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Want to meet stars? Call D.A.

Guess who's in town starring in "Major Movie Star?" It's not local man about town, David Aubrey, but it is his guest in the photograph: Vivica A. Fox.

Word has it she plays the sergeant who whips Jessica Simpson into shape for the comedy. And word has it she likes people in Shreveport, whom she calls "very friendly."

I've never, repeat, never accidentally run into a movie star. Anywhere.

How is it that David just happens to run into one of the coolest actresses on the planet, the woman who nearly ended The Bride, and I can't so much as share a tequila shot with Jimmy Fallon at El Chico?

The Shreve is a cruel, cruel place.

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Anonymous said...

dont feel bad, Alex...the only way I can ever meet them is working as an extra on a set or getting invited through a friend to a cast party.