Friday, July 13, 2007

What tops the Shreve-centric box office?

So far, movies made in Shreveport are performing modestly at the box office. We have yet to see one of ours rack up that (sort of) magical $100 million in ticket sales, domestically or worldwide.

"The Guardian" leads in total
gross, but "Premonition" likely
takes the crown in profitability.

Here are some figures:

1. "The Guardian"
Domestic: $55,011,732
Worldwide (includes domestic): $94,973,540
Budget: $113 million
Released: Sep. 30, 2006
Domestic DVD rental tally: $33.6 million
(as of May 6, 2007)

2. "Premonition"
Domestic: $47,852,604
Worldwide: $72,405,710
Budget: $21.5 million
Released: March 16, 2007

3. "Mr. Brooks"
Domestic: $28,079,908
Worldwide: $30,053,623
Budget: $18.5 million
Released: June 1, 2007

4. "Factory Girl"
Domestic: $1,661,464
Worldwide: $2,684,692
Budget: $10.4 million
Theatrical release: Dec. 29, 2006
DVD release: July 17, 2007

There is one person who could make a sideways swipe at the crown, though: Shreveport's own William Joyce. The children's author was a big factor in the making of "Robots" and "Meet the Robinsons." Neither was made her, but Joyce sure drew tons of character sketches in his Centenary College office.

Domestic: $128,200,012
Worldwide: $260,718,330
Budget: $75 million
Release date: March 11, 2005

"Meet the Robinsons"
Domestic: $96,743,052
Worldwide: $150,915,141
Budget: n/a
Release date: March 30, 2007

Lastly, don't forget "Steel Magnolias." It was shot in Natchitoches, released in 1989, and tallied $83,759,091 at the domestic box office and $95,904,091 worldwide.

This chart is bound to change when "The Mist," "The Great Debaters," "Mad Money" and others get their theatrical releases.

I need to get some better data on DVD sales.

If I missed anything, let me know.

Box office figures:
Budgets: Louisiana Economic Development Department and

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