Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pruitt Taylor Vince knows when not to play crazy

Last week I interviewed TV and film actor Pruitt Taylor Vince about his career and newest venture: performing in "Burn This" at the forthcoming LSUS Black Box Theatre. Read the story by clicking here.

The university is creating the space specially for this show, which is pretty cool.

To the local theater community, "Burn This" represents a chance to share the stage with an Emmy winner. Pruitt won for "Murder One" in 1997 (outstanding guest actor in a drama series). I know I'm repeating myself, but this opportunity should not be overlooked.

Here's a snippet from the interview I couldn't work into the article. When Pruitt was getting ready to play Clifford Banks on "Murder One," he had a meeting with Steven Bochco to discuss the character. Banks is a vigilante who decides to execute criminals the justice system did not. Here's what Pruitt told Bochco:

"I have a big thing, an actor is supposed to play a role from that character’s point of view, not from your point (or) somebody else’s point of view. I think Clifford thinks he’s the last sane man in America. And I would like to play it that way, that he absolutely is convinced he is the last sane man in America. (Bochco) said go for it. I said ... OK? It was a dangerous choice. The crazy guy would have been more fun."

Auditions for "Burn This" continue today and Saturday.

WHEN: 6 p.m. today; and noon Saturday.
OPEN PARTS: The three available parts are Larry, an acerbic advertising executive; Burton, a wealthy screenwriter; and Anna, a shy choreographer. All characters are in their late 20s or mid to late 30s. Understudies are needed, too.
WHERE: LSUS Black Box Theatre, Bronson Hall 109.
INFO: (318) 797-5283.

Photo: Greg Pearson/The Times.

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