Friday, August 31, 2007

'The Mist' trailer is online! (Hold me.)

"The Mist" trailer is ready and it rocks!

Here's a direct link.

It's on Yahoo's movie homepage for the next two days.

The horror flick appears totally old-school. Small town. Fear of the unknown. Desperate moral conflicts between faith and fact. Fear and fanaticism. Probably science and the supernatural. More about interpersonal conflict than special effects.

Chatter about "The end of days," "Time to take sides," "The saved and the damned," "We are being punished," "If something happens, cut and run," and "It was them that brought down the final wrath upon us!" And bugs and tentacles.

What do you think?

Release date: Nov. 21.

PHOTO CREDIT: Director and screenwriter Frank Darabont on the mist-shrouded set of Dimension Films' "The Mist." Photo by Ralph Nelson, The Weinstein Company.


JC is the MAN said...

Great trailer. Was it only shot at stageworks or were some of the seens shot out in LA somewhere? Like the grocery store did they build that or was it pre-exsisting?

Alexandyr Kent said...

All of the interior scenes were shot in Stageworks. But the exterior shots of the grocery store were shot in Vivian. Here's an explanatory note from a story I filed in March:

"Though 'The Mist' is set in Maine, it is being shot in Louisiana. The cast and crew have spent many days inside StageWorks of Louisiana, a soundstage in downtown Shreveport, filming scenes on a 12,000-square-foot grocery store set. Moviegoers from Vivian might be pleased, and hopefully horrified, to discover their local grocery store, Tom's Market, served as the model for the set."

Chris-Brad said...


Now I'm going to have to make a trip to Vivian for some photos...