Sunday, September 02, 2007

For the record, 'Brokeback Mountain' never played in Springhill

Chris Jay and I filed a story on the Spring Theatre in Springhill for today's paper. Online, you'll find an audio slide show featuring photography by Shane Bevel.

The New York Times took a recent look at the last days of a drive-in in Buffalo, N.Y. Click here to read that story.

Not that we were looking for controversy, but Chris and I stumbled upon a funny anecdote. Since its opening in Sept. 2002, the Spring Theatre has only once been the center of a Springhill ideological battle, according to owner Adam Harris.

A preacher supposedly blabbed to the local newspaper that the theater was planning on showing "Brokeback Mountain," the love story about two gay cowboys. (You saw it.) Harris received all kinds of letters from his supporters, questioning whether he should show it.

It turned out that the preacher never asked Harris if the Spring Theatre was actually going to play it. He just assumed. Harris said, "Nope." Never considered it. A couple years removed from the fury, Harris finds the story amusing. Not sure if Harris and the preacher have reconciled, though.

Incidentally, one of the theater's best performers ever was "Open Range," a gunslinger action flick with Kevin Costner.

PHOTO: Dustin Owen serves up snacks at the concession stand at the Spring Theatre in Springhill, La. Shane Bevel/The Times.


pj said...

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saratoga said...

Is the accompanying article online or only in the paper. I know this is obvious, but I can't find it on the absolutely inaccessible, completely unusable

Alexandyr Kent said...

The link is here.