Friday, September 14, 2007

Where in the world is Jeffrey Goodman?

Have no fear, the Shreveport director is hunkered down in Los Angeles putting the final touches on "The Last Lullaby." The indie flick was shot during 22 days early this year. It stars the notorious Tom Sizemore and former "NCIS" actress Sasha Alexander.

Jeffrey hopes to finish post in October. Here's a snippet from a recent email: "Right now, we are finishing the score, clearing music, and fine-tuning the sound design for the film. We are scheduled to mix all of these elements, beginning the first week of October."

I'm desperate to see the finished product.

Jeffrey's story is an important one for the rise of the movie industry in northwest Louisiana. A native Shreveporter, he moved out to L.A. in 1998 to pursue a film career. While doing production work, making short films and selling furniture, Jeffrey was slowly but surely developing a film adaptation with noir fiction writer Max Allan Collins ("Road to Perdition").

Jeffrey moved back to Shreveport in January 2005 to raise money for the $1.5 million project. In January and February of 2007, he shot it with Timbergrove Entertainment.

This project is proof the local movie industry doesn't need to start from within the studio system. For many independent filmmakers looking to crack the market, it's about developing a project worth investing in, raising the money, possessing the skill, assembling a solid production crew, and shooting it smartly.

Once "The Last Lullaby" is in the can, Jeffrey and his team will apply to film festivals.

PHOTO CREDIT: Director Jeffrey Goodman is filming The Last Lullaby in Shreveport. Feb. 13, 2007. Greg Pearson/The Times.

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