Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Cleaner' scores; 'Wonderful World' in pre-production

"Cleaner" (Sony Pictures/Nu Image*/Anonymous Content) received a good review from Hollywood Reporter. Click here. The film debuted this week at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Shreveport doubles for Trenton in the cop mystery. (We're so Jersey, baby!) Northwest Louisiana has also doubled for New York City, Alaska, Miami, Maine, New Orleans, and Portland, Ore., to name a few.

Samuel L. Jackson and director Renny Harlin get the most praise. Here's an excerpt with a plot prelude: "In a noir-tinted role that fits Jackson like a weather-worn glove, he plays Tom Cutler, a retired New Jersey police detective who now makes a living coming in after the cops are done at crime scenes and mopping up the left behind with his own HazMat cleaning business."

The flick is rated R at present and has no release date.

-- This just in from the state film hotline: "The Ambush Entertainment feature 'Wonderful World' is in pre-production in Shreveport and will shoot October 17 though November 16. Resumes are being accepted by fax at (318) 219-2411. For casting information please visit"

According to Glorioso's site, "Wonderful World" stars Matthew Broderick.

* Nu Image is the parent company of Millennium Films, which is building a $10.3 million studio here. Here's an excerpt from The Times' city council article from Wednesday: "As part of approved changes to this year's capital improvements budget, council members approved $2 million, funded by gaming dollars, to acquire property in the Ledbetter Heights area needed for phase 2 of the Millennium Ledbetter studio project. Council members also approved a request that rezones the area destined for the studio from R-3 (urban, multiple family residence district) to B-4, or central business district."


Chris Jay said...

Luis Guzman is in this movie. That is all I need to know in order to be sure that I will see it many times and love it dearly.

Alexandyr Kent said...

As claims he once said, "Leading men crash and burn. Character actors are around forever."

I love not having to have intelligent comments of my own. The Internet is smart.