Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Will fall heat up for The Shreve?

Fall is near. If last year's shooting schedule taught us anything, October could be a busy season for movie news. That's when Millennium Films arrived and started shooting star-driven indies like they were going out of style.

It's been a bit quiet in The Shreve as of late, but ...

* Baton Rouge has been noisy: click here to read about its push for the digital entertainment industry. And here about California company committed to shooting seven films in Louisiana.

* New Orleans is riding high with K-Ville, a series which premieres on FOX Sept. 17. Good reviews and good ratings will do wonders for the city's industry. A dependable TV series translates into lots and lots of work for local crew. Here's a good overview of its chances, which describes the New Orleans cop drama as a modern-day western.

* Check out the state's to track current productions.

* At present, two films are shooting back-to-back in Shreveport, the horror sequels "Pulse: Afterlife" and "Pulse: Invasion." Glorioso Casting is still looking for extras. To sign up, click here.

* Millennium Films, which is building a studio here, will start shooting its next project in October. No details yet.

* Another "introductory class" for a series of scene study classes is being offered by Theresa Bell. The series starts the next day. Here's some basic info:

WHEN: 4 to 7 p.m. Sept. 14. (The series starts Sept. 15.)
COST: $60 (4 auditing slots available $25).
TO REGISTER: or (318) 573-0039.

Incidentally, if any participants are interested in talking candidly about their local acting-class experiences, good and bad, I'd like to chat.

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Alexandyr Kent said...

Here's a note from Ted Ferguson:

"Theresa is the first to come to the aid of the family of Shreveport actors struggling to land good roles in the films being done in Shreveport of late. If the local community of actors and production support people are unable to raise the bar and improve their abilities and knowledge of a new industry of course this new opportunity will be forced to search elsewhere for enough quality contributors to support the need. Theresa is a positive, professional acting coach who is willing to drive from Dallas 2 times a month to offer this needed assistance. Having studied drama at LSU and worked in the entertainment business for many years, you won't find better in Dallas or Los Angeles.

"Bless Theresa Bell and of course Tara Duncil for having the for sight and concern to try to keep the beginning of a new chapter in Shreveport's history...moving forward..."