Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Sausage king of Chicago' is so Shreveport

Parts of this will be in tomorrow's paper:

New to Shreveport’s fall movie production lineup is “Wonderful World” starring Matthew Broderick.

(Abe Froman! Give me a call. Got a table for you at Bistro 6301.)

The independent drama is the fourth local project for Louisiana Production Consultants.

“I love this project. It’s a great script. Matthew is perfect for it,” said executive producer Lampton Enochs of Louisiana Production Consultants. “We’re very excited.”

(Broderick's got two Tony awards and a nomination! You know his movie credits.)

“Wonderful World” begins a 23-day shoot on Oct. 17.

It is being directed by Joshua Goldin, who penned the script.

To produce the movie Louisiana Production Consultants is joining forces with Ambush Entertainment (“The Squid and the Whale”) and Back Lot Pictures (“Hollywoodland”).

(That's some sweet creative pedigree.)

Louisiana Production Consultants also has brought “The Initiation of Sarah,” “The Mist,” and “Harold & Kumar 2” to Shreveport.

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