Tuesday, September 11, 2007

'Cleaner' trailer online!

Two of cinema's best screamers are facing off in Millennium Films' "Cleaner," and Cinema VIP has an early trailer. Click here to see it.

It's Samuel L. Jackson versus Ed Harris! (I wonder who would win in a Celebrity Death Match? Any credible scenario must involved bloodied vocal cords and pulsing eardrums.)

The trailer looks surprisingly low-key for a cops thriller. Then again, director Renny Harlin has always been one for slowly unfolding his plots. I'm guessing "Cleaner" builds to a pretty big crescendo.

Ain't It Cool News is gumming more distractedly than me about it.

Looks like "Cleaner" played today and will repeat tomorrow at the Toronto International Film Festival. If anyone saw it, I want to know how good or bad it is!

Anyhow, Shreveport is all over this trailer. (The movie was shot here earlier in 2007.) What do you recognize?

Thanks, PK, for the heads up.


Noma said...

Well, the trailer makes it look like one of the more promising ones filmed here, but they can be deceiving. I recognized one of the houses because it's right across the street from some friends of mine.

Danny said...

At the end of the trailer when Samuel says "What is wrong with you, have you lost your mind!", the emphasis on the word "mind" just makes me laugh for some reason.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Samuel L. Jackson, the master of voice inflection. I think he and Ed Harris should be sideline commentators for MNF. Or they should narrator doomsday documentaries. I'd watch!