Monday, November 24, 2008

Has Edward Norton been cloned?

If he did right by his recent job in Shreveport, it will appear so.

There are three must-reads currently making rounds on the world's widest web.

1) I interviewed Edward Norton and Tim Blake Nelson on the set of "Leaves of Grass." Pretty fun story, if I do judge so myself. In the comedy, Norton will play twin brothers. He just finished the challenge of acting in scenes with himself. (Think "Adaptation" on roids.) Here's a Norton quote -- about making the interactions looks believable -- that didn't make the final story: "To me the trick was to, (in) Shakespeare’s words, hold the mirror up to nature and (create) something that looked like it was extemporaneous and sloppy instead of clearly choreographed."

2) Hollywood Reporter profiled Louisiana. Yet again, there's more discussion of tax credits: "'People have been successful in getting their money back from the state in a timely manner,' says Joseph D. Chianese, vp business development for Entertainment Partners, a leading provider of payroll and production management services. 'And because of the sheer volume of productions that have been going into the state, it has been able to develop a local crew base, which is important when you're bringing a production somewhere.'"

3) Kevin Costner and Modern West got profiled on Remember that concert at Municipal Auditorium? Apparently, making "The Guardian" and "Mr. Brooks" in Shreveport left an impression on him: "One of the most powerful songs on the album is '5 Minutes From America,' written in Shreveport while filming 'The Guardian' shortly after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. It's the story of a man desperately escaping the hurricane with two children when his car breaks down and his cell phone goes dead. 'There was probably 20 or 25 people on the film crew that had lost stuff,' [Costner] said."

PHOTO: Actor Edward Norton stars in a dual role as Bill Kincaid (right) and Brady Kincaid (left) in the upcoming film "Leaves of Grass." The project, due out in 2009, recently wrapped filming in Shreveport. (Glen Wilson/Special to The Times)

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Anonymous said...

Josh Brolin's court appearance is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 2, 2008.
Lets make sure all the information is made public and no one hides or whitewashes the truth. If Cedric Glover and Henry Whitehorn were lying and concealing the truth, they need to be exposed and removed from office effective immediately!
Because of Glover and Whitehorn, our local film industry stays in jeopardy.