Monday, November 24, 2008

Three cheers for 'The Pink Angels'

"Don't miss 'The Pink Angels.' Hard riders wearing a size 10 dress."

That tag-line pretty much sums up Friday night. The Robinson Film Center's Chris Jay deserves big credit for putting together a super-entertaining Friday Night Freak-Out! monthly series. If you missed it, RFC screened Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space."

It was my first Freak-Out, and I loved every stinking minute of it. "Plan 9" can lay legitimate claim to being the worst movie in cinema history, and seeing that dog in a theater was priceless.

The crowd barked at the screen, mocked the awful dialogue and thoroughly misbehaved for 90 minutes. Now that's a Friday night.

What most entertained was the package of B-movie trailers that reeled before the feature. My favorite, without question, was the one for "The Pink Angels." Watch the above.

Favorite line: "How would you like 10 pounds of dangling fury?"

I wish I could write like that (and not be fired).

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