Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The 'Bitch' is from Bossier City

I'm way too excited about "Bitch Slap," a movie starring Erin Cummings. She lived in Bossier City as a kid.

I interviewed her in 2007, and she remains one of the funniest, smartest, most honest subjects I've met.

Cummings was here filming a scene for "Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins" and talked about the nerves involved in working with Martin Lawrence and crowd full of a extras. It was for the opening talk show scene, which was trimmed mercilessly for the theatrical release.

Cummings is a pro, so acting in front of audience isn't anything new. But she had do stunt work while wearing 6-inch stiletto heels, braided hair, a prosthetic lip and giant butt implants.

"When you're presented with an opportunity like that you can do one of two things," Cummings said. "You can succumb to the anxiety and the nerves and the intimidation of what it is, or you can welcome it as a step on the road."

I remind you of this to emphasize this point: Erin Cummings is fearless, and it shows in this trailer for "Bitch Slap." Cummings knows her martial arts. She understands parody. And, as evidenced by "Bitch Slap," she can deliver B-movie sexploitation dialogue with the best of 'em.

Watch this trailer. Learn from Erin. And most importantly, leave hundreds of comments about why this movie must win a trailer Oscar. I want this gem sparkling on 20 of Shreveport-Bosssier's finest screens by April.


shanebevel said...

Alex Kent is my hero. It takes a true man to stand up for true art. Erin Cummings is truly a fun girl and I can't wait to see the film. It's gonna be a blast.

Alexandyr Kent said...

"Alex Kent is my hero." The beginning of the end has officially begun.

Anonymous said...

friday night freak out material. fo. sho.

Chris Lyon said...

"The beginning of the end has officially begun."

*tries to resist Terminator: Salvation joke*