Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I want to feature your photos on my blog banner

While amusing and unquestionably brilliant, the sight of me romancing the film reel has run its course.

I need a new look. Some fresh material. Inspiration. A prettier muse (than myself). A new and improved brand. Something that makes us all awe, a little bit more, in 2009.

That's where you come in.

I'm redesigning my blog banner again and need your photos to make it swank.

Please send in your shots of the local movie industry, and I'll work them into the new design. I'll accept just about anything but headshots. What do I want?
  • You and a star? OK.
  • A movie production takes over your street? Better.
  • You and your Sharpie chasing Jack Black through the Hilton? I like tenacity.
  • A DVD shrine to movies made in The Shreve? That'll work.
  • You as the Incredible Hulk? I know you're out there.
  • An autographed body part? Now you're talkin'.
  • You kicking me off a set? I dare you.
  • Yellow location signs with cryptic acronyms like "ILYPM," "BIH" and "BARD?" I get you.
  • A movie shot of Maggie's Hangar on Commerce Street ("The Guardian"), or Artisan's Court on Texas Street ("Factory Girl")? Old school references will do.
  • A poster for a locally made movie? Love it.
  • A fake poster for a dream TV series? Maybe. (Think "CSI: Bossier City.")
  • You and Josh Brolin in fisticuffs? I'll contemplate retirement.
Whatever you have, send it to akent@gannett.com and I'll get crackin'. Just about everything goes, but remember: I privilege the unique, the daring, the stupid and the obscure.

PRIZES: Top two photo-submitters will receive a "W." mini-poster or a "Harold & Kumar" plastic gambling visor. Free of charge. Can you believe my generosity?


chrisbrad said...

What would one win if he or she produced a photo of Josh Brolin beating someone dressed as the Hulk with one of the cryptic yellow signs in front of Maggie's Hangar as Jack Black signed DVDs and posters in the background?

Just curious...

Alexandyr Kent said...

Please. I saw that on TMZ four months ago.

Chris Lyon said...

Did you say you wanted Brolin's or Wright's cuffs? I mean... it depends on which ones you wanted...

Grabmale said...

Do I get a backlink when u use my photo?
Then I would be in. :P