Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The 'Bro' gets pro

Here's the latest update on The Shreve's Best Bar Brawl from 2008. (Thanks for the votes, readers. My New Year's Eve party came in third.)

"W." stars Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright got D.A.'s probation their July misdemeanors.

From Loresha Wilson of The Times: "After months of buildup, the matter of Josh Brolin's part in a fight in Shreveport last year seems to have been settled with an agreement made even before his attorneys appeared in a Shreveport court today.

"Represented in court by a Los Angeles attorney and local lawyer Ron Miciotto, the actor who portrayed President George W. Bush in the Oliver Stone movie 'W.' was granted district attorney's probation, under which if he goes until March 11 without getting in further trouble the charges will be dismissed."

Click here for the full story.

As part of an ongoing public records request, Times reporters are working to get the dashboard cam videos of the arrests. When we get them, I'll post 'em.

In the meantime, you can see the cellphone video of the incident at TMZ.com.

PHOTO: Josh Brolin stars as George "W." Bush in "W." (Sidney Ray Baldwin/Lions Gate Entertainment)


Anonymous said...

I just saw the police dash video on KTBS, and there was no fight on their video other than several police tasering Jeff Wright outside the bar. How are people supposed to defend themselves against police brutality? Was it necessary to taser and mace people who were asking questions to the police? And the police think they deserve a pay raise. Hell no!
And why did Mayor Glover cover the video of the incident up for 6 months and let Hollywood believe we are all a bunch of redneck thugs who don't appreciate the movie industry in Shreveport? What will be the next mayoral coverup? I'm surprised the police didn't shoot one of the actors and say they felt threatened by a cell phone or IPOD. This whole mess could have been avoided if the Mayor would have apologized and said the police overreacted.

Anonymous said...

you took the words out my mouth

where was the big fight Glover was speaking of and what did anyone do to get treated like violent criminals?

why don't the police go after the violence in shreveport as aggressively as they go after frivilous complaints?