Friday, January 16, 2009

Stuff this in your taco cart

If you're relatively new to the movie biz and working, you've noticed that sets use their own language. That's why I was pleased to receive this little handbook in the mail today: "Movie Speak: How to Talk Like You Belong on a Film Set."

I rarely pimp the PR stuff that comes to me unsolicited, but this book, written by a seasoned producer, would be very useful for anyone trying to break into the industry as a P.A. (It also fits in your pocket.) If your a set vet, on the other hand, I'd be curious to know what you think of it.

It's 216 pages and full of working definitions for terms like banana, perms, cuban, redhead (mickey), snowshoes, wetdown, and my favorite, honeywagon. (I'm that kind of guy.) "Movie Speak" also is super-cheap: $8.95.

Recommend it. If you have any favorites books like it, post your recs in the comments.

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