Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess who refused to give me a quote about the weather forecast for Park City, Utah?

... Blayne Weaver, who's there and debuting "Weather Girl" and the Slamdance Film Festival on Saturday.

"No, I can't do it," Weaver said by phone after I demanded a cheesy quote. "It'll be horrible and then you'll use it."

Damn it, Weaver. You're no longer a press puppet. (As retaliation, I've posted your headshot ... from 1997. Is that leather?)

Weaver wrote and directed "Weather Girl," a romantic comedy. Brandon Barrera executive produced it. Both are Bossier City natives living in L.A. They're business partners in Secret Identity Productions (remember "Outside Sales?").

It's a pretty big deal to play at Slamdance.

“Tomorrow, we’re spending all day doing press,” said Weaver by phone from Park City. He’ll be flanked by the movie’s stars Mark Harmon and Tricia O’Kelley. “I haven’t even worried started worrying about the movie yet.”

Slamdance, an indie film festival run by filmmakers (as the blurb goes), runs concurrently to the Sundance Film Festival.

“Slamdance is a little more personal, a lot more indie and it’s a lot more fun,” Weaver said. “It’s fantastic to just go to film festivals and be celebrated, but we want to sell ‘Weather Girl.’ What’s really great about this festival is that it feels like the place to do that.”

Word has it Weaver ran into the Robinson Film Center's Chris Jay, who's at Sundance/Slamdance looking for the next hit. Chris, I expect some seriously good schwag.

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Chris Jay said...

The best film I've seen so far is RUDO Y CORSI, a soccer comedy starring Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. Bernal and Guillermo del Toro came out to introduce the film. A 1,600-seat theater went absolutely nuts! Also, Mike Tyson attended this afternoon's screening of TYSON, which was also good. Both have been picked up for distribution, so expect to see them at the RFC soon!

p.s. The schwag people are more annoying than good!