Thursday, January 22, 2009

LaMovBlog Oscar contest ... we want you

For those of you new to LaMovBlog, you probably need to catch up on the history of our Oscar contest. Both in the paper and on my blog, we compete to see who can best predict the Oscars. Pretty fun, considering I 've twice got bested by chris-brad. Who's chris-brad? Rumor has it he's a psychic or something.

Anyway, this year I want to up the ante (meaning I want to give chris-brad some real competition). I want at least 10 people to join us, and I want them to publicly disclose their pics. For the next month or so, too, I'm going to obsess about what's best and what's not. That's where you come in:
  1. Soon I'll be offering details on how to submit your Oscar pics. Stay tuned. If you can't wait, submit them as a comment.
  2. If you have an Oscar favorite for best pic or a cool Oscar/actor anecdote and really, really want to write about it, send me an email. Send me a 300-word essay. Yeah, that's right. I gave you an assignment, and I won't pay you for it. How can you resist?
  3. If you are connected to "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," tell me about it. Send me an email. I want to give cast and especially crew their props.
  4. If you have a weird or fun Oscar night tradition, tell me about it. Send me an email. This is the Superbowl for movie-lovers, and I want you to tell us how you celebrate.


ChrisBrad said...

Do you fear my Oscar prowess THIS much, Alexandyr?

In all seriousness, I would love some more competition. Post and send away everyone.

Oh, and you have no idea how much I am loving my appearance in a LaMovBlog poll. That has been a dream of mine since pre-school.

...Chris Ashby....
Ooops, Chris-Brad

PS. Sorry, not a psychic. But I am something!

Alexandyr Kent said...

I thought you'd like that poll, and yes I fear you. You're like a yearly colonoscopy.

Have you noticed how much faith the readers have in my Oscar prowess?

Early voting results for who will win the Oscar contest:
Alexandyr Kent: 0
chris-brad: 2
They're both going down!: 6

I suck. And non-chris-bradders, do not vote for me out of pity. Only if you mean it!

Alexandyr Kent said...

My, oh, my. Alexandyr Kent now leads chris-brad in Oscar contest voting. ... Look! What could those four horsemen be doing charging up my street?