Friday, January 23, 2009

What Josh Brolin said about Oscar nom

You noticed Josh Brolin ("W.") -- remember him? -- was nominated for an Oscar yesterday, right? He got a best supporting nod for "Milk." Here's what he had to say about recognition, according to Hollywood Reporter:

Nominated for his supporting role as county supervisor Dan White in the Harvey Milk biopic "Milk," Josh Brolin -- who also played President Bush in the 2008 release "W." -- said he was pleased to be recognized for his work on the "important" film. "'W.' was probably the most difficult job in film that I've ever done because you carry his age from a young age through (his presidency). 'Milk' was different," he said. "When I read it, I was so emotional and taken with the story that I just wanted to do this story. It's a timely story, and as timely as it can be with Prop. 8. So obviously, it's an important movie and a very visceral film at that." Brolin acknowledged that Oscar nominations can help an actor attract offers for future meaty roles. "There's more confidence that I can pull off more complicated roles, and luckily, because of the nature of the role of Dan White, we're getting offered really, really interesting roles." Brolin's next film -- Warner Bros. comics-spawned "Josh Hex," [sic] which he calls "a throwback to spaghetti Westerns" -- begins shooting in March.

Find the full article, and more reaction from the nominees, here.


Anonymous said...

I heard the movie Josh Hex went to New Orleans instead of Shreveport because of the way Cedrick Glover and the police treated Josh Brolin in Shreveport. Brolin said he would go somewhere else and "let Shreveport be Shreveport". Did anyone ever find out way Brolin was really arrested?
I never heard a legitimate reason other than the standard generic "interfering with police" that can be used anytime on anyone just as a technicality to justify police abuse of power. We now know Brolin was not in any fight. Did he get arrested for hugging? Or watching? or talking? or being there? It seems ridiculous to let the police run off movies and all the economic benefits just to cover up for the police and mayor. The $80 million budget and the multiplier effect would have helped the local economy tremendously and could have led to many more films in the area. Are we going to let mayor glover run off the film business? or are we going to run him off? He is only a puppet for the minority. Do we have to put up with him for 2 more years? If so, we can kiss the film industry and jobs goodbye! Cedrick sold out the film industry to save his ego.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all know the burgeoning of the film industry in Shreveport has stopped. Yes, it has stopped. Not slowed, not settled, but stopped.

The reason isn't Brolin and his antics (though he DID interefere with police, just not to the extent the police said). The reason for the collapse is the city's current administration. While you tend to rant on and on and on about this in various posts, you are right. And we all know it.

The Glover administration is corrupt, pure and simple. Time and time again the mayor and his cronies have been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. This corruption and overstepping of authority is widely known, but very rarely publicized. Why? Because it would mean an end to the gravy train for those who could bring him and his "friends" down.

Now, I wish the local media would go after the corruption. Not the man, you understand, but the corruption. But they will not. Our local media have NEVER gone after crooked people pushing certain ideologies and agendas. And, sadly, they never will. This is an awful truth, but the truth nonetheless.

The only way for the film business to prosper is to have a hands-off approach. Let them do their thing. But with Glover and Company in office that is unlikely to happen. Sure, you'll have the local talking heads say the hands-off approach is already in place, but we all know that is simply not true. Too many whispers add up to one big, ugly story. And, no matter its extent, that story and the horrid leadership by Glover (and the brutality of local cops, no argument there) have run many great projects and opportunities from this area.

I wish things were different. Shreveport-Bossier and this area deserve better. But we will always be kept from being better as long as mediocre politicians and crooked cops run amok. Actual leadership is what is needed, not a mayor who thinks leadership is simply staying at a Holiday Inn on our dime. Sorry if I am being blunt, but the poster above is right. I wish he was wrong, but there are just too many projects out there skipping "The Shreve." When will the concern and interest in this come to a point? I wish I knew. Because every day that goes by with this mayor and these shameful policies and attitudes is another day our once-hopeful film market suffers.

Anonymous said...

86% of TMZ users think the Shreveport, LA cops should be prosecuted after pepper spraying Josh Brolin and tazing Jeffrey Wright last July.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, those methods aren't illegal and arguably preferred in Shreveport. It's not the cops that need to change (though they should) it's the laws that bind them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a unanimous decision. Mayor Glover has to go......NOW!
The film industry is now almost gone from Shreveport and Mayor Glover's arrogance and ignorance is the primary reason. While Cedric Glover mugs for the camera to further his political career every opportunity he gets, he is costing thousands of local people jobs in the film industry. In addition, where is this film studio mayor Glover announced would be built on city property?
I spoke with a policeman today and he said mayor Glover had them so busy with enforcing no smoking ordinances, sagging pants, parked cars, tinted windows, and seat belt issues that the police no longer have time to address the serious issues of violent crime, such as aggravated rape, murder, theft, arson, burglary, DUI's, shootings, drugs, gang warfare, child molestation, armed robbery, etc.
Instead, Cedric Glover is obsessed with trivial things that he can show on paper as his "accomplishments" that please his special interests but aggravate the law abiding citizens who are not criminals, but are treated as such. A shooting a day, and a fire a day in shreveport, and mayor Glover is more concerned about sagging pants, smoking in public, and the number of cars parked in private driveways. Where did this incompetent clown come from? Doesn't Glover realize it is violent crime that runs off industry (as well as college grads) and leads to unemployment and bad national publicity for Shreveport?
Why would the film industry stay here when mayor Glover does not welcome or support the film crews, but rather turns his back on the movie industry to support corrupt police practices? Its a shame the minority of the police force can negatively affect the majority of Shreveport and its national image. Cedric needs to get off TV and get to WORK and stop wasting taxpayer money on jet setting and personal travel. Why isn't he in jail?????

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but you left out the new law cedric glover passed concerning your garbage can. If you leave you garbage can on the curb for more than a day, the shreveport police will come rush over and arrest you or lay a heavy fine on you. Sometimes they will send several police cars out to write up the scene.
Too bad the police won't take crime that seriously in shreveport. if they did we would have the lowest crime rate in the nation!