Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Make love to the camera (and I'll feature you)

NPR recently logged a funny story about a book of unforgettable headshots. It's called "Holy Headshot! A Celebration of America's Undiscovered Talent." Our local mugger Eric Gipson is represented. (I can call him a mugger because he stole my wallet once and termed it "magic." True lie, honest.)

Reports NPR, "Most head shots are straightforward pictures of an actor's face. But every now and then, someone decides to get a bit more creative." Check out the gallery for samples.

The books writers supposedly went through 50,000 headshots and selected just 103 for publication. Along with Eric, five other actors with the local Landrum Arts LA agency made the cut.

Eric is excited to be featured. While the headshots are presented in "Holy Headshot!" with a sense of humor, the book goes a bit deeper than laughs. Trying to get acting work as a relative unknown ain't easy, as y'all know.

"It's really kind of a celebration of the struggle," Eric tells me. The book also includes the talents' resumes.

For fun, I asked Eric to play casting director and assess his own headshot. "I would probably say, first of all, that is no Tom Cruise. That is no Brad Pitt. But that may be a guy who has some potential as a character actor."

James Eakin, a Shreveport photographer, deserves credit for the camera work.

This example begs the question: Just how creative is Shreveport's talent?

If you have a nutty headshot, send it my way. Include a 10-word caption, too, which explains your look. If I get enough, I'll post a Shreve Muggers gallery (and send the URL to SPD).

Must be fully creative, now. Nothing straightforward. I'm expecting something with pipe tobacco, a waffle iron and a ferret. If you achieve that look without Photoshop, you get first billing. Email Eric for tips.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Alexandyr Kent:

Do you read THE TIMES???

Don't you realize by now that the real "muggers" in town are the SPD (Shreveport Police Department)
Just ask Josh Brolin, Ms. Angie$400,000.00 Ganbarino, and all the others who have successfully sued the Shreveport Police Department for illegal abuse of power. Instead of blue uniforms, the Shreveport Police should be required to dress in Orange jumpsuits. We need to build new jails just to house all the dirty Shreveport cops! I bet they have great mugshots.

Alexandyr Kent said...


Do you read MY BLOG or just use it to grind axes???

Anonymous said...

he who doesn't grind an axe will eventually be destroyed by it.

Alexandyr Kent said...

This comment was brought to you by the American Lumberjack Association.

C-B said...

I always assumed an axe that wasn't ground would just rust and dull.....

I had NO IDEA it would animate and seek murderous vengeance on its negligent owner.

I learn something new every day.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Isn't my blog amazing? It's better than the Internet.

ChrisBrad said...

Better than the Internet? You betcha! And I love this Interweb thingy...

Still, the more interesting question (other than asking if you keep the "proper authorities" on speed dial) is are you keeping up with your "award" movie viewing?

I am still waiting to be blown away. Lot's of good stuff, but nothing to make me sit up and take much note. Let's hope December's theatrical promises pay off. Otherwise, well, I may have to name my personal fun flick of 2008 as best pic --- an no one wants that to happen...

Alexandyr Kent said...

I'm keeping up but need to see "Cadillac Records" and "Australia" this weekend.

Agree, I haven't seen anything that's floored me during the fall.

"Synechdoche's" interesting but not revelatory. Acting categories.

"Changeling" didn't feel like a contender to me. Looked great, though.

My favorite so far this year is "Wall-e," and I hope it gets serious Best Picture consideration. I think it's a major accomplishment, and Pixar deserves critical validation. Easily the most inventive major Hollywood player right. (Confining "Wall-e" to animated feature would be disappointing, just as I thought confining "Pan's Labyrinth" to foreign film was disappointing.)

"The Dark Knight" could be a blockbuster entry this year, too, and be the one to beat. Big box office. Great reviews. Great audience response. It would make for a very odd Oscar night, though. Death of Ledger? Domestic terrorism plot?

"Benjamin Button?" Excited about it, and I hope Fincher finally breaks through. He's too good not be be considered one of Hollywood's best.

I have a feeling "Gran Torino" and "Milk" will make the shortlists. Very excited to see those, especially "Torino."

I am waiting for something to knock my socks off, though. Only "Wall-e" has done that.

You? How's it lining up?

ChrisBrad said...

"Wall-E" and "The Dark Knight" are also on my short list.

But, as you pointed out, "Wall-E" will likely be sent to the Animated Film category and ignored for Best Pic. And "The Dark Knight?" Yes, it was a great picture. Yes, the acting was amazing (other than Bale's Batman-voice.....). Yes, audiences AND critics loved the flick. And, yes, it may get a nomination. But THIS doesn't feel like one of the years where the Academy is going to give its biggest prize to a popcorn flick.

No... Instead I think the December pictures will fill in that category.

"...Benjamin Button" looks like it will be breathtaking, but I have been severely mislead by trailers and publicity before. "Valkyrie" could also get on the short list. But will the Academy want to take the chance of giving Tom Cruise a platform? Will the Academy award ANOTHER WWII film (especially a nazi-centric flick)? I just don't know.

Others in the hunt include the Board of Reviews top choice: "Slumdog Millionaire." Here's to hoping the RFC gets that flick (along with a few of the next titles) or a trip to Dallas may be in store.

"Frost/Nixon" seems like a contender simply because the Academy likes awarding political flicks of this nature (nothing like beating a dead preident). Then there is "Revolutionary Road." The issue with it seems to be its lack of, dare I say, warmth. The Academy has "been there and done that" with familial dramas, but the acting in that film may help it sneak in.

I, also, have yet to see "Australia," but it has received a lot of mixed reviews from audiences AND critics. And "Doubt" feels more like a way to give Meryl Streep a statue...

That leads me to the film I worry may run away with awards --- "Milk."

Any other year "Milk" would have been a contender. But the Academy LOVES controversy. The Academy LOVES making political stances. And the Academy LOVES telling audiences they are wrong. I have not seen "Milk," but I definitely will. And I am sure it is going to be an outstanding film. But will it deserve best Picture? Somehow I am doubtful. Biopics do not make Best Pictures. They make best Actors/Actresses. They makes Best Director. But not Best Pic.

But in the current climate (especially in California with the whole Prop 8 issue)I feel that RIGHT NOW, not necessarily in three months, but right now, "Milk" has to have the edge. How appropriate that Hollywood give their moment in the spotlight to a biopic that gives them news cycle after news cycle after news cycle to push an agenda?

I am not trying to editorialize here. But this is what the Academy has a history of doing. I hope Best Picture goes to the BEST film, but I think this may be one of those years where the award is more complicated than "what is 2008's best fim?"