Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you back at work?

For those of you who endured The Shreve's recent production drought, "Straw Dogs" and the upcoming "Battle: Los Angeles" should be encouraging signs.

If you are back at work -- as crew, vendor, actor, etc. -- let me know how you feel. You can respond by leaving a comment here, or you can reach me at or 318.459.3256.

  • Who's working on "Straw Dogs" this week, or "Battle: Los Angeles," which begins shooting early September?
  • When was your most recent film job?
  • What are you doing now?
  • How does it feel to be filming again in The Shreve?
  • What's your outlook for local work?


Kate said...

Hi there!

1. I'm working on Battle. Yay for work!

2. My most recent film before that was Cool Dog back in March.

3. On this show I'm an office PA. Formerly have been a casting coordinator!

4. Any work is work and I love paying that mortgage.

5. My outlook is grim, just because of some of the rumors that I've heard from the local unions. I hear opposing views on this, but sometimes it's hard to stay positive about future work when we have a 4-5 month drought. Hopefully more will pop up soon, though!

JB Jones said...

Tonya J. Perkins - star of my local indie-opus, Up in the Air - is doing some extra work in Straw Dogs right now as I type.

She's a brilliant actress - able to wear pink eye shadow better than Bowie - and she works for pizza and beer!

She can also be seen in the Hallmark film, Front of the Class.

And she'll once again be staring in one of my movies in the spring -All Sorts - in which she'll play a bohemian lesbian with all the right answers. Intrigued? No, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know where is "Straw dogs" filming in Shreveport?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

My industry sources tell me that Shreveport will be amongst the dead again in a few months, after the two present films wrap. Nothing on the radar coming. WHY?
1)There still is no studio, after all the hype and announcements and posturing by the city for years.
2)After 4 years, there still is no direct flight from Shreveport to Los Angeles.
3)There is ongoing bad publicity in the film industry nationwide about the corruption in the mayor's office and police department in Shreveport.
4)Most of the local crew base infrastructure has left to go work in other markets, and it is not likely they will come back to an unstable market in Shreveport.
5)Shreveport film office needs to be independently audited and overhauled. With Shreveport's current cumulative tax incentives, we should be one of the busiest film markets in the USA, and we are now one of the slowest markets.
6)Many more people are moving away than coming here.
7)Shreveport's arrogant leaders act as if the film industry owes the city something for the priviledge of bringing a film and millions of dollars to our city. WRONG...WE OWE THE FILM INDUSTRY GREAT THANKS!

Anonymous said...

22 production days, if you can get the day player positions, which are probably gone now, at this writing. Cool, A movie, or part of one, but the overlooked important question remains unasked. What's next? You're only as successful as your last picture and only as secure as your current job. Just keepin it real, so don't hate on me, plz.

Anonymous said...

KTBS3 at six last night reported that a producer with SD gets tazed in front of Stray Cats the previous night. Tell me it isn't so!! Oh, no Shreveport-alet!! Hear that giant flushing sound folks!! It just keeps getting uglier around here.

Anonymous said...

Back to work??? How can one find out what is going on when the city posts info late in the ball game?? And why does Acree insist on people submitting resumes to her to submit to productions, and why are posts late in being publicized?? How can one get work with all of the stiff gatekeeping going on??? Thelma Lou is acting just like Betty Jo, when she had the job. Shameful