Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trailer for local indie: 'For Whom He Tolls'

Kendrick Hudson, who has done a lot of location work for the local movie industry, is producing a small indie drama with local resources. He and a team recently wrapped production on "For Whom He Tolls," and it looks like it will be screened in September at the Robinson Film Center. I sent Hudson a few questions about the project, and here are his answers:

Alexandyr Kent: Where did you shoot the indie project, and how did you pull the team together?

Kendrick Hudson: It's a feature length psychological/suspense thriller, set in East Texas and shot in Carthage. It's directed by Randal Reeder, who is from the area, and his brother owned the property where we shot. Due to budget restraints, the script was written around the property and most of the story takes place inside the home.

We were able to pull together a crew by sending out the script to friends of ours that all work in the industry, who happen not to be working at the time. People were very receptive to the story and the script sold them to work on the film.

AK: What is “For Whom He Tolls” about, and why did you want to make it?

KH: Its a story of a young girl named Kayla, played by Lena Clark who comes back home to take care of her mentally ailing Grandmother, played by Gina Brazell. With the help of a mysterious new neighbor, played by Lije Sarki and an at-home nurse played by Angela Ware, they try to mend their relationship and find peace in a small east Texas farm house while dealing with eerie visions of a Man in a Suit, played by George Wilson.

I wanted to produce this movie because, I believed in the script and in the director's vision. I had some personal experiences with my own aging grandmother that were similar and thought the audience could relate. In the story the grandmother is experiencing dementia, and it allows the actors to use their range due to the emotional roller coaster they were going through. There are some really heavy scenes and it allowed us to showcase some the areas acting talent in that regard. Also, I wanted to do this project because of the message. It has some "Sixth Sense" qualities and mixes dramatic tones with the classic thriller or horror style but in the end has a message of love and forgiveness.

AK: What do you hope to do with the film?

KH: We plan on screening the movie at the Robinson Film Center next month and onto the festival circuit with the hopes of distribution.


JB Jones said...

Awesome. I'm very interested in seeing this.

Gotta love East Texas!

J. Long said...

Thanks for the write up. I know the entire crew/cast worked their asses off on this project.

The core of the group has worked together on several projects and each one gets better and better.

Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Kendrick...was dad Ken Hudson?

Anonymous said...

Yes, his father was Ken.

Daniel Noe said...

Wow!! Kendrick is a breath of fresh air around here. A young man who has "paid his dues", by busting his rump, fighting and working to get where he is today. I just want to say, right here right now, that I am pleased to have the opportunity to present his picture for distribution, and yes, I have opened the door for this small Indie picture to be reviewed by a distributor friend of mine, with immediate connections to Blockbuster & Netflix. Kendrick is the kind of film maker I enjoy association with, as he knows the reality of the film world. We spoke last night, for the umpteenth time, and I am looking forward to attending the screening at the Robinson, and my hope is that he can have some good news to share with everyone about a potential distribution deal. If not, that's okay too, as I understand that the backend process can be tedious and time consuming. My overwhelming hope is that I can assist this group and their picture to get the exposure it needs.
Cheers, Kendrick, Randall, and any others I have not mentioned.
Daniel Noe
Creative Producer
Minority Pictures, LLC
Executive Producer
Puzzle Vision Productions, LLC

Anonymous said...

This crew is really just remarkable. I've never seen such collaboration on a project at this level. Kendrick, among the many other talented producers and directors on this film have really stood up and earned credit with a polished product that will always be known as a first in history for this part of the country. Even legendary Tex Ritter, with 80+ credits of films can't boast of bringing a film project of this caliber back to his hometown. I await the release of this film as excited as anyone. good job guys .