Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Singing robots? The future is here

As if we need another movie about animatronic rock gone viral! Oh, wait. “The Rock-afire Explosion” might be the first, and it screens 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Robinson Film Center.

Just talked to RFC’s Chris Jay and he said multiple subjects of the film, including collector Damon Breland, will be coming in for Q&As. As a bonus, there will be an appearance by a guy in a bear suit. (Not my Uncle Harry, incidentally.)

Backstory? There once was an animatronic rock band -- singing robots! -- at the Showbiz Pizza chain, and fans really dug ’em. So much, in fact, that a few fans purchased their rights then resurrected and reprogrammed them to do funny things with contemporary pop. Videos of the experiment are on YouTube. Check out the above Shakira clip.

A tad creepy.

Tickets available at (318) 459-4122. Two screenings only!


Chris Jay said...

The film is definitely rated PG, no cursing or anything, but it talks a lot about fighting to hang on to your youth - children of the 80's will enjoy it most but I believe all ages can have fun at it.

JB Jones said...

I'm disturbed by the robot having a puppet. Talk about the cycle repeating itself. Scary.