Wednesday, September 16, 2009

‘Unearthed’ needs extras

The feature film "Unearthed" is in preproduction and needs to book extras, says Ryan Glorioso of Glorioso Casting. Specifically needed:

  • Males and females, ages 18 to 70
  • Native American, Hispanic or multiethnic
  • To play tribal warriors or "tribal types"

To register, click here.

Project will shoot for four weeks beginning Sept. 28.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Alexander, let's not forget about Julia-X shooting up in Oil City!! A six week shoot!! And a bigger budget!! with hardly anything goin on around here, I am surprised that one has fallen through the crack!!

Anonymous said...

Question. Why was this posted on Wednesday, when Glorioso Casting was already conducting auditions on Monday? Why the time lapse with this post? Curious.

Anonymous said...

My question is what is this "Julia-X"? Im curious to hear more....