Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Angels' halts production in Shreveport

I know some local crew pros and students had planned on working on "Angels," a stage show that was set to debut at the Strand at the end of August before heading to Broadway. The show was billed as the first to take advance of Louisiana's Broadway South tax credits, which are similar to the state's film credit credits.

If you're a crew member who's lost work, let me know.

Meanwhile, here are two quick updates:

"We are very disappointed to not be able to debut ‘Angels’ in Shreveport as planned,” said producer Marcus Cheong in a statement released to "'Angels' is a very complex production with specific needs and, of course, can only be performed when absolutely ready. Everyone at the Strand and the wonderful people of Shreveport have been very warm and supportive, and we hope to eventually play that legendary theater."

In a press release to The Times, Danny Fogger, executive director of the Strand, said: “We are so sorry for this development. We have made many physical changes at the Strand to accommodate 'Angels,' and have been working with their team for months. We are unsure of the exact technical situation with the complex production. Today, we still enjoy a good relationship with everyone involved with the production of Angels and wish them the best of luck. This is very unfortunate for the Strand and the community."

Tickets are of course being refunded by calling the Strand at (318) 226-1481.

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