Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shreveport's pride and joy hits DVD racks today

The Shreve's dirtiest, most politically astute movie gets released on DVD today.

No, Silly Reader, it's not "W."

It's "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay," Shreveport's unofficial Oscar hopeful for 2008.

Just how dirty? Here's are excerpts from interviews with its creators and stars, which I recorded in March at the South by Southwest's film festival in Austin, Tex.


Hayden Schlossberg (cowriter, codirector): "We are students of nudity in movies. We’ve seen a lot of R-rated youth comedies over the years and we’ve seen what people have gotten away with. ... A lot of time when we’re writing we’re writing for that 13-year-old boy in ourselves that loved movies like 'Revenge of the Nerds.'

"Our 13-year-old selves would say, put as much nudity in this movie as humanly possible. And make it frontal nudity. So we listened to that inner voice. ...

"We know that the only reason we are doing a second movie is that our first movie’s DVD did really well. We’re the first people to admit that usually when you see these unrated DVDs, there is nothing that great in them. We have a theatrical movie that has a ton of frontal in it, so we made sure that when our unrated DVD comes out, it needs to do something that you are not allowed to do an R-rated movie."


Jon Hurwitz (cowriter, codirector): "There are a few things that we shot that we are not sure that New Line is going to let us put on (the DVD). We crossed over to porn a little bit in Amsterdam."

Hayden Schlossberg: "Harold and Kumar went to a sex show, and we couldn’t control what the actors were doing there."


John Cho (Harold): "Jon and Hayden, much like Harold and Kumar, are innocents, and that’s why the characters and the directors and writers get away with so much. It’s not a mean-spirited kind of unPCness. It’s very ... quite wide-eyed. We have a bottomless party and it’s almost a 13-year-old’s perviness. It’s not adult perviness."


By the way, that bottomless party scene? At SXSW, the directors were bragging about how the DVD would include an extra which would turn the bottomless party into a topless party.

Wait a minute. What's that sound I hear? Cries of The Shreve's movie fans who fear a sold-out HK2 DVD?

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