Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Josh Brolin speaks to blogger about arrest: 'There was no defiance, no struggle. There was no fight. There was no resistance'

Blogger and film journalist Jeffrey Wells reportedly interviewed Josh Brolin yesterday at the Four Seasons. The "W." star shared details about his arrest in Shreveport, which happened during a wrap party for the Oliver Stone film (which opens Oct. 17).

Here are two excerpts from the post, which you can find here. Wells offers an mp3 of the interview. There's supposed to be a cellphone video of the incident, too, which could be released.

Brolin: "What we were really waiting for was for them [the Shreveport authorities] to dismiss it. We were waiting for them to do the right thing. The mayor, prosecuting attorney, whomever. I don't know everything that happened. I do know there was no fight. None. I do know that I was maced and that Jeffrey Wright was tasered. There was no defiance, no struggle. There was no fight. There was no resistance."

Brolin: "[But] none of us were drunk, we had just finished shooting three or four hours before. We were the beginning, it was like [smacks hand] okay! It was time! We did it! We were so proud, what an accomplishment!...and then this fucking happens. To me it was ridiculous. I have never seen...I have never ever, ever, ever, ever seen an escalation of paranoia and abuse like that...ever. And I know a lot of cops. Everybody knows I have a checkered past and I've been in situations that are kind of tough. I've never ever been treated like that by cops. Ever."

Again, here's the link to Wells' reporting.


On July 22, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover defended the actions of the police.

“Each person conducted themselves in a manner that is, without question, beyond reproach,” Glover said at a city council meeting. He also told the council members he had reviewed six to seven hours of police video and audio recordings of the arrest.

After verbal and official public records requests by The Times, the city of Shreveport city, on behalf of its police department, is refusing to release the audio and video recordings from their patrol units documenting the events around the arrest incident at Stray Cat, 222 Travis St.

City attorney Terri Anderson-Scott explained the information, “In the opinion of this office, is not subject to disclosure pursuant LLS-R.S. 44:3 of the Louisiana Public Records Act.”

PHOTO: George W. Bush (Josh Brolin, left) and Don Evans (Noah Wyle) in W. Photo credit: Sidney Ray Baldwin/Lions Gate Entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that the Times is not going to stop attempting to get the tapes with the truth.

Alexandyr Kent said...

We're still working to get them, yes.

Versha said...

Good for you guys! I hope you get them! Though I think it speaks volumes anyway that they won't release them...