Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'Killing Room' pops up on AFI radar

"The Killing Room," which was shot in The Shreve (particularly at Mansfield Studios), will debut Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 at the 29th American Film Market in Santa Monica, Calif. Click here for more. We should learn soonafter AFI when the Timothy Hutton starrer will be released.

Guessing by the subject matter and film synopses, it has some serious thrill potential. From the AFI catalogue:

"From the Director of the hit prequel 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' and the writer of 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' 'THE KILLING ROOM' blends the thrilling mental edge of 'Panic Room' and 'The Game' with the intensity of 'Memento.' Fast-paced, claustrophobic and full of twists and turns, this unrelenting psychological thriller will keep you pinned to your seat.

"We're post 9/11 -- just -- and four individuals (Kerry, Tony, Crawford and Paul) have signed on for a human research study as a way of making a quick buck -- although none of them know what it is they are being tested for. At first all seems relatively normal. The Doctor directs them to a small room and explains that the experiment is designed to explore the limitations of the human psyche, and the nature of human endurance. Payment is a healthy $250 for a day's work and its an elimination process -- the study starts with four subjects, and is narrowed down to 1. That's all they know.

"Then the doctor pulls out a handgun and blows one of their brains out, before leaving the room and locking the door behind him.

"The remaining three frantically attempt to figure out what the hell just took place, and as they watch the blood drain from the exit wound in the back of the first victims skull, a hatch in the wall opens, and a gun falls onto the floor in front of them, containing only one bullet. Quickly followed is a note with a question -- and a ticking clock. Whoever is furthest from the right answer will be the next casualty. If anyone fails to answer the question, all subjects will be terminated.

"Who the hell are these people? Is this really an experiment? What do they want from the subjects? Is there any way to get out of there alive? An escape route? Anything?!

"Paranoia, fear and mistrust escalate amongst them as they are forced to try to work out what the question means. All the while, from behind the one-way mirror, every word and action is recorded.

"The captives have no clue as to who might be the orchestrator of this horrifying experiment. Could it be foreign terrorists on American soil? Is it a U.S. secret Agency hired by the government to weed out Traitors? Or could it be something even more chilling?

"Played out like a high-octane chess game as the subjects attempt to outwit each other and their unseen captors, 'THE KILLING ROOM' reveals what man is capable of when faced with certain death."

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Chris Lyon said...

Sounds like SAW to me. Sounds cool at the same time. I'd like to see it.