Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oliver Stone joins war of words

Apparently, the new issue of Men's Journal features an interview with Oliver Stone. Stone offers his take on the Josh Brolin/Jeffrey Wright/Stray Cat/Shreveport Police controversy.

Here's an excerpt from an article summary on

"He tells the new issue of Men's Journal magazine, "I saw Jeffrey being arrested. I guarantee you, that man was not drunk, and he was not disorderly.

"There was a white bartender who had taken a dislike to him a few days prior... and he's (Wright) not going to take s**t from anybody.

"He was escorted out of the bar and treated in a rough manner by these policemen. That's when Josh and his group went out to protest.

"The cops said, 'Step back, sir!' Josh said, 'Sir, why are you arresting him?' and then, boom, (they) maced him in the eyes. They tasered Jeffrey twice... and they beat up my assistant."

Stone admits he stayed inside the bar because he knew he'd get arrested if he joined the fracas.

He adds, "These people were really rough."


Anonymous said...

Instead of arresting Josh Brolin and Jeff Wright, the people who should be in jail are Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Henry Whitehorn. They are the ones allowing this brutality to take place in Shreveport, and of course, they are never held accountable by anyone. Someone needs to sue them personally, not the city, as taxpayers are always the ones who pay when bad cops, or our dishonest Mayor Cedric Glover, or incompetent chief Henry Whitehorn abuse their authority. I'm tired of our good city name being damaged because of Mayor Glover's
arrogance and dishonesty. Now do you really think the police or administration deserve another pay raise? HELL NO!!! Glover must go!!!

Kathryn Usher said...

I’ve had some lovely interactions with local police officers and I’ve had some very strange ones. I think we can’t ever forget every time they go on a call they have the perception that what’s around the corner will kill them and they won't be going home to their families.

For the most part the media doesn’t do anybody any favors by insisting, “being a police officer is one of the most dangerous jobs…” So I think they are quick to act with force instead of negotiating skills but isn’t that the American way? For instance, the Middle East…

I find it interesting that as far as a dangerous job is considered, police work isn’t even in the top ten. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it much more dangerous to be an ocean fisherman, logger, structural steel worker, garbage worker, farmer, lineman, truck driver, farm worker, or construction worker than law enforcement officer. Fishermen were killed at the job at a rate of 118 per 100,000, while for police officers, that figure was only 18.2.

What would have been the outcome if an ocean fisherman had been sent to respond to that bar call? Or even a firefighter. I can’t ever remember having a bad experience with a firefighter.

I probably should have posted this anonymously but I stand behind my words. I also can't help but think releasing the video might shed some light on the whole ordeal. And what's up with nobody else having any video? I can't believe with all the video cell phones floating not a single frame was captured.

Anonymous said...

Police may have a risky job, but every time they abuse their authority it puts the public at risk. More risk than police will ever encounter, because we can't fight back with the police. And city court automatically supports whatever the city officials want, since they are on the city payroll. Therefore, if cops feel their job is too risky, they are free to pursue another occupation.
But when the police, mayor, or police chief act irresponsibly, it serves to increase the risk to the public and decrease public cooperation with city officials and law enforcement.
The Glover administration has proven to be the most corrupt in the history of Shreveport. He would rather destroy the local film industry than admit his police force is guilty of brutality again and again and again. Mayor Cedric Glover is very selfish and egotistical. Everything he does is about promoting and protecting his best interests, not the good of the city. We will all suffer for his secretive underhanded dealings and lack of integrity. He needs to be held accountable in First Judicial District Court, because Shreveport city court is as corrupt as Glover wants it to be. Josh Brolin needs to be aware of this.

Anonymous said...

NO way will I ever consider voting for a pay raise for the Shreveport Police. Why reward the police for brutality and abuse of power?
Why reward Mayor Glover and Henry Whitehorn for covering up police wrongdoing and disrespecting the people they are supposed to serve.
The money the city will lose in unnecessary lawsuits could have been used to give police a pay raise. Instead, Mayor Glover will be increasing city taxes on us all. Next time Mayor Glover wants a tax hike for anything, vote NO, and tell him he had the money and wasted it on lawsuits because he refuses to clean up his act. I believe the police and city officials should get a cut in pay until they clean up city hall, starting with Mayor Glover and Henry Whitehorn. Not all police are bad, but the good ones remain silent and become part of the problem. "EVIL THRIVES WHERE GOOD MEN DO NOTHING."

Anonymous said...

FYI -- Film incentives in today's NYT

Anonymous said...

The Tape needs to be released to clear this matter up one way or the other... Kind of makes you wonder if their might be a cover up in progress since the admin. will not release the tapes......

Anonymous said...

The police have released tapes before. They only release what pleases them. The police have the discretion to release what they want. If they don't release after dismissal of charges or after the misdemeanor hearing, the public should demand a viewing. The council should get to see 'em too.

Anonymous said...

Cedric Glover should be castrated for his part in killing the film industry in Shreveport-Bossier.
He is a consummate con artist, and has many locals fooled. When it came down to see who's side he favored, the truth or the politically connected Henry Whitehorn, he sided with his police and turned his back on the movie industry. Its all for his political gain as he wants future police votes when he runs for office. Why do we keep electing corrupt politicians and never hold them accountable? Now our local economy will go down, industry by industry. We've seen it with General Motors, the Red River District, the Haynesville Shale revenue, Film Industry, Cyber Command Center, etc. We cannot afford to keep running industry out of this area. Now Glover and Whitehorn will look for new ways to fine or tax law abiding citizens so he can try to recoup all the lost revenue from his countless mistakes and dishonesty. Glover needs to be removed from office. Before its too late. THe city council is too afraid to stand him down. Where is Arleena Acree??? Covering it all up???
Pass this message on!