Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Orleans Film Festival dishes out awards

NOFF handed out its prizes last week. Below is the list. If you attended the fest, I hope you had a chance to see one of the following.

I'm back from a mini-vacay, by the way. My wife and I were away seeing a little man about a diaper. The scary truth is that yours truly is an uncle now, and frightfully unprepared for all things excretory and digestive. (No "W." jokes, please.)

19th Annual New Orleans Film Festival awards

Helen Hill Best Animation Award (Sponsored by Showbiz Software)
Director: Dennis Tupicoff

Best Narrative Short Award (Sponsored by CineFilm Lab):
"Glory At Sea"
Director: Benh Zeitlin

Best Documentary Short Award (Sponsored by Showbiz Software)
"Elegy For The Elswick Envoy"
Director: Nancy Willis

Best Experimental Award (Sponsored by Showbiz Software)
Director: Matt Faust

Best Documentary Feature Award (Sponsored by Panavision)
"Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story"
Director/Producer: Jeffrey Schwarz

Best Narrative Feature Award (Sponsored by Swelltone Lab)
"Goodnight Irene"
Director/Writer: Paolo Marinou-Blanco

Louisiana Filmmaker Award (Sponsored by Panavision New Orleans & Kodak):
"The Zeppelin Parable"
Director: Kristian Hansen
Producer: Jimmy Ferguson

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